Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising campaigns are a unique perspective to Greenfingers Charity. For every occasional black-tie event with a serious audience of older age groups, we like a handful of FUNdraising events with people of all age groups and a lot of exciting activities while raising some money for our worthy cause of building magical gardens for hospice children across the country.

Our kind of fundraising campaigns for the gardening community Fundraising campaigns are very important for Greenfingers charity. Find out more about the different events you can organise to raise money for charity!

We want our passionate contributors and hosts of fundraising campaigns to not raise us money doing something boring. We want them and their guests to have fun while donations are made. This is why we practically do not have any particular set of fundraising ideas in our roster. As long as you get your events approved by us, you can do any decent fun activity for the event.

Here are a few FUNdraising ideas that you could try in your nursery:

  • You could arrange a plantathon and ask your customers to bring their children for a great few hours of potting plants with a portion of every pot sold coming to Greenfingers Charity and our cause of building gardens for children with life-limiting diseases. 
  • You could organise a walk or a cycle challenge with your staff and customers taking part. You could set donation markers for distance covered, encouraging participants to go further and raise more. Our partners have had some real fun doing these in recent years.
  • Borrowing from that idea, you could run a trade promotion fundraising campaign, which basically means that you choose a particular product in your stock and donate a part of the earnings you make from it to Greenfingers Charity.
  • If those are not enough, you could organise a car wash in your parking, a bake or book sale, simply put a donation box by your till, etc.

Engaging your community for fundraising

Having fun at your fundraising event is important because it helps engage more and more people around you. Your community’s contribution is critical for the success of your fundraising efforts. Therefore, you will need to invite your customers and residents around you to take part in your campaign by sharing what you know about Greenfingers Charity and our goal of building unique specialised gardens for children in the country’s hospice system.

Partner up with us for your events

We can send you our fundraising team member with literature, tee shirts, and a lot of things for your campaign day to add authenticity to the program. So, always discuss your plans with us before you set up your fundraising campaign.   

Connect with us to arrange a fundraising event and register your event today.

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