Hozelock, a prominent figure within the Hozelock group, stands out as a fervent supporter of the Green Fingers Charity, underlining its commitment to fostering growth and vitality in gardens and communities alike. With its origins dating back to 1959 on a Haddenham airfield, Hozelock's journey began with the launch of the world’s first plastic hose connector – the Hoze-Lock. Now, operating as a global garden equipment manufacturer, Hozelock has its headquarters in Birmingham, UK, and proudly manufactures over 75% of its products domestically, with the remainder produced in its facilities in France, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China.

Hozelock's products, renowned for their technical perfection and striking designs, are distributed across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, witnessing significant growth. The company's ethos, "Created by Gardeners for Gardeners," reflects its deep-rooted understanding of gardening as a rewarding endeavour. With 60 years of horticultural expertise, Hozelock is dedicated to enhancing the gardening experience, offering a wide range of solutions for watering, spraying, plant protection, and pond care.

Esteemed as one of Britain’s favourite gardening suppliers, Hozelock is committed to innovation, continuously updating its product range to meet the evolving needs of gardeners. This dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures that gardeners are equipped with the best tools to nurture and enjoy their gardens. As a supporter of the Green Fingers Charity, Hozelock extends its passion for gardening beyond products, contributing to the growth and enrichment of community spaces and the lives they touch.

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