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Help bring the gift of a garden to more life-limited children and families who spend time in hospices across the UK. 

Children’s hospices provide crucial care and support to thousands of families with seriously ill children across the UK and much of the hospice fundraising goes towards providing equipment and the vital care which goes on inside the hospice, leaving little funding for their outside spaces.  By partnering with us, your company could have a major impact on our work creating magical gardens for life-limited children, and their families, who spend time in hospices across the UK and at the same time could have a positive benefit for your business. 

Not sure how you can help? Here are a few ideas to help get you started!

Corporate Partnerships

Here at Greenfingers, we have many years of experience working with corporate partners in the garden industry as well as brands in other sectors, such as Kew Green Hotels, Clarins and many
more. We have found that long-term corporate partnerships, where we work together to find ways to ensure business objectives and skills are met, can be the most successful.

We would like to work with you to build a forward-thinking partnership that can provide many
mutual benefits, including:

  • Partnering with a well-respected charity can increase customer and supplier loyalty.
  • We can help you to achieve positive PR, within the gardening industry and beyond.
  • Partnering with Greenfingers can improve morale, motivation and confidence through employee engagement.

  • Your customers will see your business as one that supports your community.
  • Taking part in our national fundraiser, Garden Re-Leaf Day, or volunteering in a Greenfingers garden, can provide you with a great team-building activity.
  • Donating products to support our work can help to enhance your reputation. 

Whether you partner with Greenfingers Charity for one year or five years, you can be assured that your support will make a difference to hundreds of children and families this year and well into the future.

Join us as we celebrate our Silver Anniversary...

Charity of the Year

We would be delighted to be nominated as your Charity Of The Year...or for longer! Long term partnerships with Greenfingers can be successful for both parties! We would love to talk to you about the opportunities this presents. By choosing Greenfingers as your Charity Partner;

  • Your staff, wherever they are based, can raise money for their local Greenfingers Charity project;
  • We will work together to find opportunities to enhance your reputation through industry, local and national PR;
  • You will receive support from a small, but dedicated team who have experience working with large and small partnerships;
  • Your support will make a real impact and will help to ensure more life-limited children and families are able to create a million outside memories.

Sponsor an Event

Garden Re-Leaf Day is Greenfingers Charity’s national fundraising campaign which can help you to increase footfall, encourage team work and motivate staff, all whilst making a difference to children and families who spend time in hospices. The Garden Re-Leaf Day sponsored walk and cycle ride can provide you and your team with an excellent networking and team building opportunity too. Why not Download our Fundraising pack it contains fundraising ideas, posters, bunting, logos and so much more!

Product Donation or Promotion

Donating products or time to support Greenfingers gardens or events is a great way to support the charity. Raffles or FUNdraisers are great ways to help us to FUND-SAVE. Or choose a product or product range from which you will donate a fixed sum or percentage from the sale of each item. 

Event Sponsorship & Prize Donations

If you would like to provide sponsorship for our events or would like to donate prizes for raffles or auctions, we’d love to hear from you.

Turn Old into Gold

If you have unwanted stock, we can help you to sustainably convert this into cash, via an auction house, for Greenfingers. Effectively turning your old stock into gold (or silver!) to support our work.

Carrier Bag Tax

Are you considering what to do with your carrier bag tax? Every 5p donated could make a real difference to children who spend time in hospices, so why not choose Greenfingers as the charity to benefit from your tax levy this year?


How we can help you

  • We have a dedicated Fundraising & Communications Team who will support you throughout your journey with Greenfingers Charity.
  • We will provide resources to enable you to promote your events and activities.
  • Your company name will be published on the Greenfingers Charity website.
  • We will acknowledge your support through our social media channels.
  • We will keep you up to date with our events and volunteering opportunities.
  • By working with Greenfingers Charity, you will have the opportunity to develop stronger team relationships and encourage collaborative working across departments.
  • You will be giving your staff a wider sense of purpose and inspire them to do more in the community within which they work and their local community.
  • Through a partnership with Greenfingers, we can organise volunteer days in Greenfingers gardens - they're a great way to bring your teams together!
  • However you would like to help, please drop us a line via the Contact Us form below and we will be in touch to discuss how you can make a difference. 

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