Garden Re-Leaf Day

The annual Garden Re-Leaf Day is every spring as staunch advocates of healthy activities and gardening. The day is a collective fundraising campaign for Greenfingers Charity and a lot of our patrons, collaborators, and partners join in the activities. In fact, many of these people instigate their own activities and share them with us so everything is properly coordinated.

Activities we had for Re-Leaf day in 2018

As always our Garden Re-Leaf Day was a huge success this year with £65,000 pledged for the cause of building Greenfingers Gardens for children in the British hospice system. Furthermore, as always, we had a number of fun and exciting activities in which people from all walks of life took part.

  • Garden Re-Leaf Walk: Thanks to the generous participation of the gardening community, including retailers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers, a 10- or 20-mile walk was organised by in Wendover across the Chiltern Hills. Over 70 participants completed the circuit and the walk raised over £15,000 in donations.
  • Garden Re-Leaf Cycle Challenge: For the first time on a Greenfingers Charity Garden Re-Leaf Day, we had a 50- or 100-mile bicycle endurance challenge. While a few bikers completed their 100-mile cycle run, one enthusiast went on to swimming 2.4 miles and ran 13 miles on the treadmill after her circuit to raise funds for our Garden Re-Leaf Day.
  • 12-Hour Plantathons: Garden Re-Leaf founder, Boyd Douglas-Davies, who is also the CEO of Hillview Group, followed his tradition of a “12-hour Plantathon” across all his stores, which participants were challenged to pot 101 plants in 12 hours. Similarly, Klondyke also had their 12-hour Plantathon in six of their stores and donated all money received in sales from the pots to Greenfingers Charity’s Garden Re-Leaf.
  • Garden Centre Events: An incredible number of events took place across the nation’s garden centres to raise funds for our campaign of giving hospice children magical gardens across the country. These events included garden quizzes, bake sales, face paintings, crafts sales, walks, and much more, raising thousands for Garden Re-Leaf Day.
  • Going Green for Greenfingers: Kew Green Hotels went green for our Garden Re-Leaf Day and staff in their hotels across the country arrived for work in eccentric green costumes determined to decorate the hotels with green decor. There was a Best Costume Award and prize, and all monies raised went to the Garden Re-Leaf donations.
  • The £32K Raise at QVC Gardening Show: A special QVC Gardening Show was organised for Sunday, where plants were put on sale for fundraising for Garden Re-Leaf Day. An incredible sum of £32,000 was raised during the day for the cause.

Acknowledging the generosity & commitment of the gardening community

We at Greenfingers Charity cannot thank the gardening community enough for all the support, passion, and generosity they show for our Garden Re-Leaf Day every year. Their efforts and genuine commitment to our cause reminds us that we are doing something extraordinary and must never stop making those magical gardens for our hospice children. Due to this amazing generosity and enthusiasm, more children in the hospice system will have opportunities to spend quality time with their families.

Becoming a part of garden Re-Leaf day next year

When Orchard Park’s staff arrived at Lakeside Garden Centre after a 15-mile walk for Garden Re-Leaf, their Managing Director, Richard Cumming, threw down the glovie for Lakeside GC to walk over to Orchard Park on next Garden Re-Leaf Day, which the owner, Nick Morgan, graciously accepted. You can take part in Garden Re-Leaf as well. Find the events closest to your home next spring and visit to donate for our worthy cause and have fun while you do it.

To host an event in your premises next Garden Re-Leaf Day, get in touch with us for information.

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