Frequently Asked Questions

What does Greenfingers do?

Greenfingers is a national charity dedicated to creating gardens for children who spend time in hospices, and their families around the UK to use and enjoy.

What is your registered charity number?

Our registered charity number is 1076640.

A company limited by guarantee, registered in England, no. 3716044

What is a Greenfingers Garden?

For full details about what a Greenfingers garden entails please click here.

Why are gardens at children’s hospices important?

A Greenfingers garden gives children who use spend time in hospices, along with their families, the chance to spend time outdoors, enjoying the natural environment and benefiting from fresh air.  Our gardens often serve as a place for children and families to spend time together away from the bedside, and a safe and protective space in which they can relax and have fun.  The gardens can also be used for therapeutic purposes, allowing treatment and therapy to be administered in a natural environment.

The gardens often provide children with a rare opportunity to indulge in some of the pleasure of being outside that most people take for granted.

How many gardens have Greenfingers created?

To date, Greenfingers have planned and created 50 gardens and outdoor spaces at children’s hospices around the UK.

How do you find the hospices to make gardens for and what is the decision making process?

Hospices approach us either directly or through Together for Short Lives (formerly The Association of Children’s Hospices).    We ask our applicants to complete a detailed application form to enable us to follow an application process which is considered by the Greenfingers Board of Trustees.   Once considered as suitable all gardens will then be assessed and will be subject to enough funding being available for each of them.  Once the funding is in place, further approval is then given by the Trustee Board for garden building to commence.  It is a thorough process and can often take two years from start to finish.

How do you raise the money to make the gardens?

We raise money to make Greenfingers gardens in a number of ways – through donations from individuals or companies, successful grant applications, working with high net worth individuals, volunteering and fundraising events, including Garden Re-Leaf Day. Some of the funding given to a project is ring-fenced for specific gardens and topped up with funding raised from the more generic activities.  All sources of income are essential in enabling our work.

How can I make a donation?

You can donate to Greenfingers in a number of ways. The simplest way to donate is via our Just Giving page.

If you would prefer you can send a cheque to Greenfingers at 23 Gregories Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 1HH.  Please make cheques payable to Greenfingers.

You can always make an online donation.  Please call the Fundraising Team on 01494 674749 for more information

How does the governance of Greenfingers work?

Greenfingers’ voluntary chairman is John Ashley.  He sits on a board of trustees who oversee the strategic direction and expenditure of the charity.    Each Greenfingers garden is assigned a Greenfingers Trustee and these trustees take a personal and active role in all the decision making behind the garden process.  Within Greenfingers there is also a Fundraising & Communications Group and a Garden Experts Panel of designers and this enables the Trustees of the charity to focus on strategy and finance, leaving the other aspects of delivering the charity’s aims and objectives to the other two Groups as stated.

How many people work for Greenfingers?

Six people work for Greenfingers in a part-time and/or freelance capacity. The charity brings in other specific resources as and when it needs it and uses volunteers to assist with administration and in the gardens within the corporate engagement side of the fundraising activity.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to find out more about getting involved in the work Greenfingers do you can call the office on 01494 674749, email

How do you select the designers and landscapers who work on your gardens, and are they paid?

We work with local designers, landscapers and suppliers to support the hospice and their links with the local community.  Our Garden Experts Group reviews the design against the brief as it develops and local BALI or APL approved landscapers are asked to tender for the work.  Our designers and landscapers are paid for their professional expertise.

How do your suppliers benefit from involvement in your projects?

All suppliers have the opportunity to visit the hospice, not only to see their products in our gardens but experience the vibrant hospice environment for themselves. We thank and credit all suppliers in our PR materials, website and on social media, providing regular updates on the projects.  A launch event at the end of the project offers the opportunity to network and develop further ideas.

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Get Involved

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