Hospice Gardens

Building hospice gardens with hospice care providers to children is the goal of Greenfingers Charity, a non-profit organisation and a childrens charity. We have already built over 50 specialised gardens for children with life-limiting and life-threatening diseases living in these hospice care facilities.

What our hospice garden do for the children Building hospice gardens for the childrens charity Greenfingers is the main goal. Always looking for fundraising events and fundraising campaigns!

We truly believe that the time the children we design these gardens for spend with nature is very precious. To watch them engage in healthy activities with such excitement in a reward in its own right and a sight that brings tears to the eyes of their parents, family, and carers. We have very simple aims we want these hospice gardens to achieve:

  1. To help these unfortunate children build a strong connection with mother nature and experience the lasting beauty of the world in safe environments;
  2. To create natural environments that are safe and protective of these children, who constantly need special care, and allow them to spend time, and engage in activities, with their family and carers out of their room and closed spaces; and
  3. To build every garden with the special needs of that particular hospice’s children in mind in such a manner that they have access to all the activities available in the garden.

Benefits of our hospice care gardens

There are countless benefits to this unusual task we have taken upon ourselves to complete for this worthy cause. The smiles of these children, when they play in our gardens, are the actual reward for everything we are doing for them.

  • Every hospice that we work with gets to create a wonderful garden that is packed with engagements that suit the needs of the children living there.
  • These children learn wonderful things about and engage with, nature.
  • These children have a place where they can go to any time of the day and play, ponder, or relax in.
  • These children have an engaging place where they can spend quality time with their families and carers to create wonderful memories for all of them.

Quality of construction and supporting wildlife

We take every hospice garden we build as a unique project, and the process includes all the steps of any professional project. Thus, we sit with the hospice administration and discuss their needs and wishes so we can come with a clear plan to make a garden that considers the challenges children in that facility face. We then build them a garden that takes care of their children’s needs, home to solid structures built under the supervision of certified professionals using high-quality materials. While we construct our hospice gardens, we ensure our design can improve the wildlife habitats around.

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