Jane Lawler


Jane Lawler is distinguished for her exceptional contributions to the development and evolution of consumer brands within the retail landscape, both in the UK and across Europe. Her expertise in the UK garden supply industry is unparalleled, marked by her close collaboration with retailers within this sector. Jane has been instrumental in steering the brand and corporate marketing strategies for several high-profile businesses in the garden and leisure market, where she led substantial teams and managed significant budgets. Her ability to apply large business marketing principles to smaller enterprises has proven particularly beneficial, offering a structured approach to market planning that often yields the most significant gains for these companies.

Jane's leadership extends beyond her immediate professional engagements. She has served as the past chair of the Garden Industry Manufacturers Association (GIMA), a testament to her influence and respect within the industry. Additionally, her role on the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) Garden Industry Marketing Board (GIMB) underscores her commitment to advancing the garden industry's marketing efforts. Through these positions, Jane has played a pivotal role in shaping the marketing landscape of the garden and leisure sector, demonstrating a deep understanding of the industry dynamics and a clear vision for its growth and development. Her contributions have not only enhanced the visibility and success of the brands she has worked with but have also enriched the broader garden supply industry in the UK and beyond.

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