Therapeutic Gardens

Therapeutic gardens, which are specially designed to enable children in the hospice system, are built across the country by Greenfingers Charity. These gardens are sanctuaries for these children with life-limiting and life-threatening diseases where they can relax, reflect, and spend time with their family and carers to create wonderful happy memories that they will leave behind.

How therapeutic gardens work Therapeutic gardens are designed by Greenfingers Charity for childrens hospice from charity donations.

Our special gardens are truly special in every way. We build them in partnership with hospice homes for children across the country. Our team works with professional garden designers, psychologists who specialise in children psychology, engineers, carers, and expert labourers to build these solid therapeutic gardens with the time to have them last for a very long time.

How we go about the process is quite straightforward:

  • We meet with the administration of the hospice centre we are to work with and take note of their expectations and wishes.
  • We discuss this information with them during the meeting and come up with a layout for the garden, including details of the collective special needs of the children in the centre.
  • Our team works on the plan to include all kinds of engaging, relaxing and therapeutic activities to go into the garden, keeping in mind the particular needs of our partner hospice’s resident children.
  • We design the garden to fit the needs of our partner’s resident children so that one garden we design might look like a playhouse while another may seem like the perfect place for quiet reflection.
  • We then use the charity donations we have (and help from local businesses and stakeholders) and build the garden for the partner hospice. We also provide necessary training to the staff and carers, if required.

Therapeutic benefits of our special needs gardens

There are countless benefits to these wonderful children spending time in our gardens. First of all, since these gardens are built with consideration to their special needs, they feel it convenient to approach the new place and benefit from it. Secondly, it is a place where they can spend time with their family, play with their siblings, and create beautiful memories for everybody in an environment that does not feel like a hospice care centre.  

Join hands with us in creating a million moments

We aspire to take this wonderful cause to new heights and spread it across the country. For the last couple of years, we have been working on our A Million Moments campaign, which aims to collect £1,000,000 (GBP one million). This sum is going to help us build similar therapeutic gardens for at least five thousand more children in the country’s hospice system. You can help by donating through online transfers, cheques, and other ways.

Call us on 01494 674749 or write an email to with any questions you have about our therapeutic gardens.

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