National Gardens Scheme


The National Garden Scheme plays a pivotal role in the UK's charitable and horticultural landscape by providing unparalleled access to over 3,500 extraordinary private gardens across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands. This initiative not only delights gardening enthusiasts and visitors with the beauty and diversity of these gardens but also serves a noble cause by raising substantial funds for nursing and health charities. Through entrance fees, as well as the sale of teas and cakes, the Scheme has successfully donated more than £70 million to various nursing and health-related charities, with an impressive annual contribution of over £3.4 million in 2023 alone. Among its core beneficiaries are prominent organisations such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie, Hospice UK, and The Queen’s Nursing Institute.

However, the National Garden Scheme's commitment extends beyond simply showcasing gardens for charitable fundraising. It is deeply invested in promoting the physical and mental health benefits that gardens can offer. Recognising the therapeutic potential of gardening, the Scheme actively supports charities that utilise gardening as a tool for health and wellbeing and provides bursaries to assist community gardening projects. This comprehensive approach not only aids in funding critical health services but also underscores the importance of gardening as a means to enhance overall quality of life, demonstrating the Scheme’s dedication to nurturing both the environment and the community.

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