Children Hospices

Children hospices are providing great care and doing a great service to these unfortunate children and their families many of whom take years to process the sad fact that their beloved child will not live to grow around them. These children have special needs and require special care that only professionals can provide.  Greenfingers Charity is working solely to make the experience of living in a hospice centre fun for children with complex life-limiting medical conditions.

The wonderful job children hospices are doing Are you a children hospice care centre in need and would like to create an inspiring outdoor space for the children? Contact Greenfingers Charity!

There are numerous hospice care centres in the UK that are dedicated to serving children with life-threatening and life-limiting diseases. Partnering with Greenfingers Charity, these children hospices are making a major difference in the experience of life these children have in the following ways:

  • Since our specially designed magical gardens are directly connected with the special needs of a hospice, the children can have fun and enjoy their time without having to compromise.
  • Accessible design of their magical hospice gardens allows children to take part in all the available activities and games in the garden.
  • Since the gardens are built to provide things to do for every mood, children can play games, find a quiet corner to reflect or read, or simply take a nap in the natural atmosphere among other things.
  • Children can spend quality time with their parents, siblings, friends and carers in their Greenfingers Garden and make precious happy memories while they can.

How our gardens are improving children hospice care centres

Children hospices are essentially similar places where children with life-limiting diseases live under the professional eye of carers all the time. However, many of them have children with similar limitations and conditions, which allows our designers to draw the garden’s plans keeping in mind the common needs of a hospice centre’s resident children. Such care about the limitations and preferences of these children allows us to build wonderful experiences for them in the form of our magical gardens.

Request for a magical garden

We receive requests from children hospice care centres spread across the country on our website. The request is then assessed along with the facility it came from before we work on a detailed plan together. If you have a children hospice where you think the children will enjoy a magical garden and their quality of life will improve by its presence, let us help.

Register your hospice centre in our database and let us plan a wonderful hospice garden for the children in your centre.

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