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The nationwide childrens charity Greenfingers that is working to enable the unfortunate young warriors fighting extraordinary battles in the hospice system of our country. We are proud of everything we are doing for them, for, to us, serving them is the ultimate purpose in life.

What we are doing for children in the hospice system Childrens charity Greenfingers is building hospice gardens at childrens hospices.

Many organisations, and even more people, are playing their part in helping children fighting life-limiting and life-threatening diseases in a number of ways. Our way is unique in many ways, and this is what we are doing for these beautiful children:

  • We are building what we call ‘hospice gardens’. These are inclusive, open spaces filled with fun activities that these children can engage in without compromising on their safety or well-being.
  • We have, so far, completed over 50 professionally built gardens with the help of expert garden designers and children therapy professionals.
  • We build each garden keeping in mind the limitations and needs of every hospice’s children.
  • We are building engaging, safe environments where these children can spend quality time with their families and carers to create authentic happy memories.

Celebrating national children’s gardening week

With the National Children’s Gardening Week around the corner, we think it will be a wonderful time to have children across the country engage with nature. This is going to be the fourth annual gardening week and we have a tonne of things planned for children coming to it. The event is sponsored by various commercial organisations with the purpose of increasing national awareness about the need of engaging our children with nature and Greenfingers Charity’s cause is highlighted through the presence of broader media.

The event is highly organised and brings together welfare workers, non-profit organisations, charities, and other parties in the UK who could contribute to our worthy cause, of which there are many ways. You can make online donations or draw a cheque to help our children’s charity continue our work.

Engage in, and contribute to, our a million moments campaign

In June 2015, we also started our A Million Moments campaign, which seeks to gather one million pound sterling. We need this sum to create enough hospice gardens to enable 5,000 more children in the UK hospice system. Apart from sending a cheque or an online deposit, you can also register with one of our donate-as-you-shop partners to give a part of your shopping to our cause.  

Contact us for any questions about our children’s charity on 01494 674749 or write an email to

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Get Involved

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