Garden Design and Landscape

Our garden design and landscape are two of the most important elements in every project for us. With the promise of creating spaces that children in a hospice centre would truly connect with and enjoy with their family and carers, we, the team at Greenfingers Charity, are always looking for creative ways to build our popular magical gardens for children with life-limiting conditions.

How our focus on garden design and landscape quality is adding value to childrenGarden Design and Landscape is created by Greenfingers Charity for every childrens hospice

The magical gardens we build for children in the hospice system of the UK are created with a design concept that connects with the special needs of the children in our partner care centres in a profound manner. The designers we work with are given all the creative freedom they need as long as they keep in mind a handful of our requirements, which are retained based on the years of experience we have gathered doing what we do.

  • The most important thing about our garden design and landscape plans is the selection of a particular theme that guides the design process.
  • While the themes our designers have used make a spectrum of structures and spaces, each one is fundamentally connected with the special needs (and limitations) of the children in the partner care centre we are building the therapeutic garden for.
  • These spaces are to provide a variety of opportunities to children so they can spend time there doing what they want to do in the moment.

Always in need of creative garden design experts

Creating these magical gardens does require our design teams to have the imagination of wizards. Every hospice centre we have worked with has children with a particular set of limitations, and we make sure our designs do not leave any of those children behind. Therefore, we are always looking for garden designers with creative ideas that would fulfil the needs of a particular hospice centre’s children and help us build a magical garden for them.

We receive frequent appeals from children hospice centres across the country for a Greenfingers Garden. When a garden is sanctioned, we engage a design team from our network closest to the location and get to work. Thus, we are always looking for new designers all across the UK for our network who would be interested in taking up the challenge of building these beautiful children a magical garden.

Join hands with us & build magical gardens

If you are a garden design expert, we would love to have you in our network. If you cannot visit our offices, give us a call to show interest and you will be added to our network after a series of necessary checks.  

Call today for more information about how to become a Greenfingers Garden Designer.

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