Greenfingers Garden gets a makeover

Greenfingers Garden gets a makeover

Earlier this month a group of Greenfingers Charity supporters came together to help revitalise the garden at the Bluebell Children’s Hospice in Sheffield.

The garden in question, the Primrose Garden, was originally created by the Greenfingers Charity in 2016 and serves as a therapeutic space for bereaved families, offering a tranquil environment that reflects the poignant stories within the hospice.

Now eight years old the garden was long due a makeover, which is where Greenfingers ambassadors, Chris Jesson, Natalie Williams and Marc Riddler – part of the Gardengram community – come in.

Enthusiastic gardeners themselves, Chris, Natalie and Marc, joined forces with the Greenfingers team for a comprehensive update of the space. The day’s activities included a thorough spring clean, a garden tidy-up, and the addition of new plants to infuse the area with fresh colour and life.

One of the volunteers, Chris Jesson aka the Groovy Gardener said: “Being one of the closest Greenfingers ambassador to the site, I was asked if I could assist with the planting, but irrespective of geography I would have sought to contribute one way or another.

“The garden space had become tired and neglected, and working in partnership with Greenfingers Garden Project Manager, Joanne, Operations Director, Neil, and fellow ambassadors we all worked with the same ethos to create a lovely legible outdoor space for Bluebell Wood Hospice with successional colour and structural interest that will be curated and can be manageable for the future. This included planting, watering, potting and a little bit of conditioning. We found it incredibly rewarding to know that those perennials we included will have a long-lasting legacy for supporting those in the highest times of need. There is personal achievement of course, but only to give back to the cause. Myself, Natalie and Marc and Greenfingers Colleagues' working on the garden will be delighted to track progress of how the garden fares and develops.”

Linda Petrons, Director of Fundraising & Communications at the Greenfingers Charity, expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm for the project. She said: "We are incredibly grateful to the ‘Gardengram’ community for their continued support of Greenfingers and for agreeing to take part in our latest makeover project.

“The Primrose suite garden is a vital part of the hospice, providing a serene and beautiful space for families during their most difficult moments. This makeover ensures that it remains a place of comfort and reflection, continuing to fulfil its purpose in the best possible way."



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