The Bearded Growers and their ‘Hike Squad’ are Greenfingers Champions!

The Bearded Growers and their ‘Hike Squad’ are Greenfingers Champions!

A group of horticultural social media influencers, led by radio stars The Bearded Growers, have rallied in support of Greenfingers charity with a series of sponsored walks this month.

On Saturday 1st July, The Bearded Growers organised for two simultaneous hikes to take place, gathering a top team of fellow gardener Instagrammers to take on the challenges with them.

Coming together as strangers in aid of the gardening industry’s most cherished charitable cause were: Marc (@thegardenriddler), Nat (@home_at_springcottage) and Chris (groovygardeninguk) - who all hiked 15 miles from Fledbrough along the old railway all the way to Lincoln, finishing up at Lincoln Cathedral.

Whilst at the same time, Bearded Grower, Chris Bishop (Bish) and Benjamin Shutler (@Plot_27b) took on the Malvern ‘End-to-End Hike’. This was meant to be a 9-mile course but ended up being more than twice that distance on account of them getting a bit lost!  Showing true dedication in the face of blustery winds and torrential downpours was Bish who even walked part of the route in his underwear! (Other Bearded Grower JJ took on the role of support crew).

United in their common goal, the social media stars not only forged great new friendships along the way but together raised more than £2,800 for Greenfingers charity - an incredible achievement.

Documenting their efforts across social media also meant that thousands of followers and fellow gardeners were able to learn more about the amazing work done by Greenfingers, which provides beautiful gardens for children’s hospices around the UK.

Commenting on their activities, Bearded Grower, Bish said: “Hiking the Malverns was a mental and physical challenge, but nothing compared to the challenges these kids face every single day - and so to be able to support the amazing work Greenfingers does is truly humbling. If anyone else would like to donate to the cause, there is still time to do so via our JustGiving page at: - thank you!”

Linda Petrons, Director of Fundraising & Communications at Greenfingers, said: “We are truly over the moon by the support we’ve had from The Bearded Growers and their amazing #HikeSquad, and it never ceases to amaze me what people will do on behalf of Greenfingers charity. It’s an incredible achievement, not only because of the much-needed funds that have been raised, but because they’ve done so much to raise awareness for our cause amongst their thousands of followers.”

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